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Limited members and unlimited work out times ensure you  that special place you can go to get away from all of life's stress. One more thing. No kids allowed! Fit Pointe is an adults only club. So whether you're a parent, a teacher or just someone who wants to have some me time, Fit Pointe offers a work out environment that will keep you coming back.

 Open 24/7

We schedule tours by appointment only. You will meet with one of our trainers to help you understand what the club offers and which membership works for you. If our trainers are busy with a client please leave a message and we will call you back to schedule a convenient time to tour.  Once we reach our limited membership cap we will establish a waiting list for future membership consideration. Thank you for your interest!

Phone: 219-286-7614

An exclusive club for a mature audience

Less is More!

Most health clubs want to sign up as many members as humanly possible. This leads to overcrowding and a poor environment for members to work out. Just try going to the local YMCA at peak hours or one of those $10 clubs and see for your self. Fit Pointe's mission is quite different. Finally a club that caters to your true fitness needs. We have a strict cap on the number of members to ensure a quiet, productive and efficient work out every time!